Lottery Dreams

lottery-1-1224The Powerball Lottery is over $400 Million dollars. If you’ve been following this “pot,” you know that the jackpot has rolled over several times because no one had all of the correct numbers.

Last week, I asked my class how they would spend such a sum if they should win the pot. Most of them said they would take care of their families, buy a new house and car. Some said they would invest some of the money, after they took care of basic needs. Some said they would set up college funds for their children. As I heard their dreams, I realized they have no idea just how much money this jackpot really is. A measly million dollars would make their dreams come true.

Then they asked me what I would do if I should win this huge lottery. I’ve given this a lot of thought. After doing what everyone else would do–take care of family, go on a cruise around the world, buy a handicapped van with all the bells and whistles, and I’d set up a scholarship fund at my Alma Mater. Then I dream of building a retirement settlement for myself and my friends. Most of us have ill husbands, so I would make sure that all of the small housing units would be handicap accessible inside and out. Each unit would have two bedrooms, a small office and an efficient kitchen. Laundry rooms would be on the first floor. Garages would be attached. Housekeeping would be provided, if they would want it. I know I’m signing up!

There also would be a community building, complete with a swimming pool and exercise room. There would also be a dining room where friends could gather for dinner every night. I would hire a chef to cook around all the special diets that exist in the group. I’d also hire a maintenance crew to take care of grass cutting and snow removal.

My dreams will always include my friends because they are my lifeblood. I have been blessed with so many good people in my life, who have stood by me, no matter what the situation. They have especially been wonderful during the past several years as Ken’s MS has progressed and our finances have been destroyed.

I only hope my friends think my dream is a good one. Maybe I’m expecting too much? After all, I am assuming they would want to live that close to me!

4 thoughts on “Lottery Dreams

  1. I love that idea!!! I hope you win. I could never think of what to do with that kind of money. Thought about a complex for single women to live and feel safe but I like your idea so much better.

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