A Stream Of Consciousness Post

Aerial view of the Lake Shore

Aerial view of the Lake Shore

Today was a beautiful day. The weather seemed more like a September day than July 25th, but that’s okay. Over the years, Fall has become my favorite season. When I was a kid, it was different. I always preferred summer because I didn’t have to go to school; I had swimming lessons and chances to swim in the many lakes around here, and  my birthday was smack dab in the middle of the season. I think I timed my birthday just right because it was almost to the day six months away from Christmas. Everybody knows that birthdays and Christmas are kids’ favorite days of the year. Growing up in my family, it was at least.

But I digress. As I get older, digressing seems to happen more often.

Back to the beautiful day. Ken felt well today with the cooler weather (temps in the 70’s), so we took advantage of his strength and went to the nearest McDonald’s for a “senior” cup of coffee and a “hot” Scrabble game. I think I mentioned in a previous post that we are such Scrabble junkies we even have a traveling board game. It’s the first thing we pack when we take a trip, and now that trips are in the rear view mirror, we keep the game in the back seat of our car.

I have been thinking about buying a converted mini-van with a wheelchair lift for some time. The thing that’s held me back up was not having the money to pay for a different car. But, what’s that old adage? Time heals all. And time has helped with this situation. Now the state pays me a little bit to be Ken’s caretaker, and I’m sorry to confess, after my birthday, I’m eligible for Social Security. Yes folks, I’m officially a senior citizen, and believe me, for a baby-boomer, that’s a hard pill to swallow. We were the generation who didn’t trust anyone over 30. Remember? Probably not. Most of you reading my blog are WAY younger than me. On a certain level, that fact bothers me to no end.

Ken tries to soothe my bruised ego by saying,  “Sweetheart, look at it this way, you’ve just woke up that many days. It beats the alternative.” His consolation usually has me sticking out my tongue and calling him a young brat. (He’s ten years younger, you see.)

Oh, no! There I go digressing again! Maybe there is some truth to this age stuff!

What I started to tell you all, is after our date at McDonald’s we went to the dealership where we”ve purchased our last two cars. I asked if they had any used vans on the lot. The answer was yes. A nice one. A 2012 Dodge Caravan. So I took the vehicle for a ride downtown and along Lake Michigan. The van was comfortable, and as we drove along, I tried to figure out how they all worked. There were many new gadgets I didn’t have on my Outlander, and the van would be a trade up at a reasonable price. The salesman I’ve dealt with on the last two cars will do his best to help me find financing, but during the past three years, my credit has crumbled because of our life challenges, so I’m not holding out much hope.  I believe if I’m meant to have this van, it will happen.

But I have to admit, old age or not, a new (or almost new) car still thrills me like a teenager, even for this old baby-booming babe!

Hope all your dreams come true.


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