Lost in a Sea of Words

writingA professional must go to work whether he or she wants to or not–this simple fact separates amateurs from the real deal. When I graduated from college, I pursued a professional writing career, which has taken me through twenty years of freelance and staff work. I’ve written technical copy, ad copy, brochure writing, newsletter writing, training materials, web copy, etc. I was a kind of jack of all trades kind of writer to keep employed.

Now I’m retired and I’m still writing. My writing nowadays is either reflexive pieces or storytelling through novels and short stories, which is a lot more fun than writing about farm equipment or sensors or switches, but the pay is not as lucrative.

Writing always offers a challenge no matter what kind of writing is involved. I think that is why I like it so much. The only time I don’t like the task is when I’m too tired, too discouraged, or too frustrated because I feel like I have nothing to say. Like right now. But I’m a professional, right? I should be able to come up with something profound, and if I keep typing it might happen. Not. Some days even professionals have an off day.

I’m mainly writing these words to let you know I’m still alive with a promise of something more entertaining next week. Part of my funk comes from recovering from criticism of another blogger chastising me for not spelling Stephen King’s name correctly in my last post (along with other not so nice comments). She took the wind out of my sails because a great deal of what she said was right. So, I’m parking my writing boat in a slip to sail another day.

Even a professional needs to take a day off once in a while to recharge her batteries for another day.

10 thoughts on “Lost in a Sea of Words

  1. Someone must have had a bad day to off-load on you. I know how it feels when someone criticises your writing in a non-productive way. Sometimes they attack personally which really hurts. Many times I’ve wanted to stop blogging altogether. Thank goodness there are those out there that get the intent, not the mechanics. The rest of us care about what you have to say, not how you spell it. Tomorrow will be better at least I always hope so.

    • Thank you so much for the kind words. I keep telling my class that proofreading your own work is the hardest job on earth. I guess I proved it to that newcomer to the blog. I’m glad the rest of you understand and don’t let my typos bother you.


  2. I am a very new blogger and terrified perfectionist. I am in college to become an elementary school teacher. I am struggling because I have never been good at accepting criticism. My grades are great but every time I have to be evaluated on my performance, I get very nervous and start doubting myself. Just remember that no one is perfect and people who raise themselves above others usually fall the hardest. There are way worse things than a writer misspelling a name or using the passive voice too often. Focus on the positives 1. You have people following your blog 2. Some people actually read it and 3. Mistakes make you real! I’m sure Stephen King even misspelled a words over the years.

    • You are a dear. I’m sure you will do well in college. I have learned to take constructive criticism throughout my writing career and I don’t know why this one particular blogger got to me. Must have been an off day, huh?


  3. I’m sorry to hear that other bloggers are giving you a hard time. Even if you find some of it to be true, I think that this should be a safe place for everyone to write. It should be a place where we encourage each other.

    • Thanks for your kind words. I do think there is a place for criticism, but I usually don’t take it to heart unless it comes from a person I respect. One of the hardest things for me to accept was a couple of my friends don’t care for my novels. But oh well, we all don’t have the same taste, do we?

      • That is very true. Some of the most famous authors failed out of college and were criticized immensely by their professors, people that were supposed to have great taste. Take in the good constructive criticism, but don’t let anything else get to you!

  4. I’m sure reading their blog we could find fault, but we don’t because we are Professionals; besides, last time I checked just because Professional and Perfect start with the letter P doesn’t mean we are Perfect Professionals! It’s ok, they had their panties in a wad.

  5. I’m happy that all these folks are encouraging you. I set out to do just that but see that others have already done what I intended to do. I’m thankful you’re still writing because you have a gift. Hoping others criticism will never slow you down again.

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