Sweating is Unnatural in Wisconsin

lady sweating.I think the hot weather we’ve been having in Wisconsin for the past week has fried my brain. All I think about lately is the weather. You see, Wisconsinites don’t do well in extreme heat. We’re just not used to tropical humidity and temps in the 90’s. I can sweat in  my sleep!

What’s worse, we yearn for sunny days and blue skies all year long! So, it’s extremely cruel  to gaze out the window with  the lovely scenery calling  us,  BUT, the minute we open the door, we are hit with a blast of the hot humid air! Needless to say. unless it’s a life or death situation, we scurry back inside and protect ourselves in the air-conditioning. We become as housebound in this weather as we are in a blizzard!

To show you how extreme this situation is, yesterday the Mayor of Milwaukee and the Milwaukee County Executive  held a press conference to brief people about hot weather precautions. One of the tips was to drink water even though you might not be thirsty–a completely foreign thought to people who live half the year in cold and snow. My only question is: Why did they have to hold this vital information right  in the middle of my favorite soap opera, “General Hospital?” Surely, the information could have waited until two o’clock when the program is over.

Yeah, that’s right. I admit it. I watch soap operas. I developed the habit when I was a teenager and had to do the ironing during the summer months. At that time, air-conditioning was not common in homes. All we had was one fan in the dining room window which was used like an exhaust fan, very little relief from a sweating teenager wielding a hot iron for a couple of hours.

Worst of all, the heat has turned poor Ken into a puddle of weakness. MS patients don’t do well in the heat, and he spends his days feeling like a wrung out dishrag. His fatigue is debilitating. A wave can hit him and put him right to sleep. He  has spent the entire week struggling to walk from room to room. Or, he must stay content to sit in his lift chair and play on his computer.

Even our little pug, Ernie, suffers in the heat. Instead of sitting next to me when I write, he has taken to lying on the floor like a frog in front of the air conditioning vent.

Some Wisconsinites have found the beach to cool off. Others play in the public fountain downtown, but most of us are waiting for Packer Season to begin when the temperatures will become “normal” — 70 degrees Fahrenheit or lower.

4 thoughts on “Sweating is Unnatural in Wisconsin

  1. We’re having an opposite effect in South Carolina. Rain has poured on us for weeks now and the temps haven’t broke 100 degrees yet! Nor that I’m complaining because a little sunshine finally hit us today. I am planning on spending the entire afternoon outdoors with my kids.

    • Have a great time! Ken and I are spending another hiding in our air-conditioned home. We did venture out for lunch with friends, ran an errand and then right back home.

    • As Wisconsinites we’re always whining about weather, and I’m happy these spurts of tropical weather only lasts a few days or maybe a weak. I truly don’t know how people like in hot climates.


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