A Garden Memorial

After my father’s funeral, I felt compelled to create a memorial for him in my yard. When he was in the hospital, he asked me for his angel wings, so I decided his garden would have to have a garden angel. I already had one in my yard, so I moved it to a new position and surrounded it with perennial plants which will return in spring and bloom for most of the summer, filling in the bare spots that exist now.

The garden is protected by our new ramp on three sides, so whatever I put in that space will most likely make it through our harsh Wisconsin winters.  I chose plants I thought Dad would enjoy when he scrafes the house in his new angel wings. The plants I chose honor his years in the fire department and his deep Catholic faith. They include Red Lilies,  Fire-cracker bee balm, and Red Sedum, a ground cover called  Blue belles, and a Praying Hosta.  The leaves on this “Praying Hosta” seem to reach out from the ground and stretch for the sky with curvy arms — a variety of the hosta family I had never seen before, and believe me, with all the big trees in our yard, I am quite familiar with the different shade plants.

I think it’s a nice tradition to plant a tree, rose bush, or garden for a loved one whose passed because by honoring them,  they live on in nature the way it was intended to be.

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