Finding Gessler is Released! Get ‘Em While They’re Hot!

Latest Novel from McCloskey

Latest Novel from McCloskey

It’s here! It’s here! The UPS guy delivered my sixth novel this week. I don’t think opening the shipping box and looking at a new work will never grow old. FINDING GESSLER  is a beautiful book thanks to Sue,  my sister-in-law. Shee did the cover art again, and I’m convinced the cover will entice readers to my books. I’m sorry to say, the covers PublishAmerica created for two of my novels pale in comparsion with Sue’s covers.

Between my support staff of Heidi editing, Sue providing the art, and Linda helping with the proofreading, this book is one of the best I’ve produced. I’m just saying. . .

It’s exciting to see the progression of my writing, too. Writing is just like any other art, the more you practice, the better you’ll get. Sometimes I wish I could rewrite the early books, but writing is a process. I’ve learned to use other people and even a digital editor to help me improve. It’s true. We all fight natural tendencies of using the same words too many times. We all fall into the trap of overusing certain sentence structures. I am particularly lazy with the verbs I choose. Now, however, after six novels and help from my band of helpers, I am growing. Exciting stuff.

If someone would have said I ever could write six novels three years ago, I would have laughed. “Me? No way.” That’s probably what I would have said. But circumstances in my life gave me the time and the angel of inspiration lit a fire under me. And Voila! I have six books with my name on them sitting on my bookshelf. My goal is to fill the shelf before I pass on to another life. 

Somewhere I heard the advice not to quit your day job before you have produced TEN novels. I’m almost there with  STEPHANIA IN AMERICA in the rewrite stage. Heidi read the novel and gave me her critique. Now it’s my job to satisfy her questions. I trust her judgment and appreciate her help. And so it goes.

Oh, did I mention my staff works for free? (I do give them a book after I order my initial copies.) They are people who believe in me enough to give me their time and talent. What a gift!

7 thoughts on “Finding Gessler is Released! Get ‘Em While They’re Hot!

    • I have gone with a publisher who allows me to pick and chose programs that will expose my books. I have to pay a little bit each time, but they have the ability to reach people I can’t with my local efforts. Even though my coins are VERY limited, I try to budget one program per month to give my work a chance to be seen by a larger audience. Marketing is the toughest job of writing, isn’t it?

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