Answering the Call of Thunder

Ernie the PugLast night we had a thunderstorm which was part of the remaining weather system that spawned the tornado in Oklahoma. Even though the thunder and lightning was enough to make us jump out of bed and turn on the television to make sure there were no twisters in the neighborhood, I felt a little guilty about being worried about a regular occurrence in our area.

At any rate, we were fine and the good news is, it rained so I won’t have to water my newly planted blooms for a couple of days. Even better, the humidity cleared out, and this morning, we are blessed with a beautiful day.

The only disturbing fact about the storm was, Ernie — my pug for you new readers — decided he needed to scare away the loud, growling nuisance that was outside by barking. This dog is only 23 pounds, but he thinks he’s a bull mastiff. He stood up on Ken’s pillow, his fur standing up along his back, and gave the thunder his best effort. So now, we not only have the natural sounds coming from outside, we have a barking dog in our bed.

In his mind, Ernie thinks he needs to protect us at all times. Ernie barks at a lot of things. Like when there’s another dog on the television screen. Like cars going past our home. Who would figure that this little squirt would become so protective of us. The only problem is, if he gets a chance to sniff the intruder, he settles down and goes to sleep!

Giving Ernie his due, this little dog is the best doorbell a person could want. And that’s a good thing because our door bells bit the dust shortly after we moved into this house eleven years ago. Ernie alerts us whenever someone parks in front of our house, walks on our sidewalk and heaven forbid, comes up the ramp. You would swear the SWAT team was surrounding our house when the mailman comes up the ramp to drop the daily bills in our mailbox.

What I want to know is, how do we convince him that God is really not calling when it thunders outside?

4 thoughts on “Answering the Call of Thunder

  1. My lil’ Cairn Terrier does the same thing. Ear-piercing shrieks/barks to announce the arrival of the pool boy, the bug man, the postal workers…anyone. And the thunderstorms we shared yesterday drove my little man over the edge. My other dog, a large, confident breed, didn’t utter a pathetic “woof.”
    Short man’s disease?

  2. I feel so safe when my dogs are around. They are fire alarms and doorbells! I’m so glad you’re safe and didn’t get that awful storm that did so much damage…

    • Yes, the people in Oklahoma are all suffering. The schools, the hospital and other buildings we look to for help in such storms were wiped out, too. Brick homes were blown to shambles. There is nothing left. And worst of all, seven children died in their school. It’s a true tragedy.


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