Adventures With A Good Friend

Last night I got a call. “Barb! Are you okay? You’ve missed two days without posting a blog!”

I laughed. I was glad my friend was checking up on me because she missed my daily words of “wisdom.” Yes, I had been away. On Wednesday, I had my second writing class and had to cut the rest of the lawn. And Thursday was a real adventure. I wrote 15 chapters to finish my seventh novel and helped out a friend.

Our friend Patrick suffers from diabetes, and for the past several  months he’s had a rough row to hoe. He’s undergone several surgeries and does home dialysis everyday. He really hasn’t had a chance to recover, so the doctors don’t want him to drive.

Yesterday, he needed help getting to an appointment that would take a couple of hours and then he needed a ride home. My schedule was free, so I agreed to pick him up at nine o’clock, drove him to his destination, and then returned home to help Ken with breakfast. (He was sleeping when I left.)

About eleven o’clock, the phone rang. I anticipated I’d be leaving right away to retrieve Patrick. However, instead of going home, he was being sent to the Emergency Room. He had taken a tumble and hit his head. I was sorry that he had fallen–again–but I was relieved he would be checked out.

Patrick called me about three o’clock and said he was “free at last.” Ken and I got in the car and drove to the local hospital to take him home. But again, Patrick had another idea. He hadn’t been given anything to eat all day and wanted to go to a restaurant. I was concerned he might be too weak for such an undertaking, but he insisted he was all right. I parked in the handicap space in front of the restaurant, got Patrick and Ken’s walkers out of the car, then ran ahead of both of them to open the doors. Whew!

After everybody ordered and was comfortably sitting at a table, the conversation started. Instead of talking about world events, we talked about doctors, medication, and surgeries. Halfway through the conversation I said, “Boy are we getting old. Listen to what we’re talking about!”

Patrick and Ken just laughed. “Welcome to our world!”

The two of them are facing a life where the best years are in the rear view mirror, but they find humor in their situations when someone else might now. They revel in the good times and take the bad days as they come. They both are amazing. I’m lucky to know them.

5 thoughts on “Adventures With A Good Friend

  1. Wow! I got tired just reading about your days. It’s in the perspective again. I wouldn’t trade my life for anyone else’s. Their’s always look harder if you look deeper.

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