Celebrate Nothing

Lounging in the Sun

Lounging in the Sun

Over the weekend, we celebrated my dog Ernie’s birthday. Of course, he had no idea why we were petting him incessantly the entire day. He had not idea why we talked to him in high voices and broad smiles. He just pretended we weren’t nuts and slept most of the day.

At suppertime, we treated him with a roast beef dinner with a side of cooked carrots and potatoes. He couldn’t believe his good fortune. He twirled around with excitement and a broad grin on his face. (Yes, he grins when he’s excited. If you don’t believe me, check out the Easter pictures!) At any rate, Ernie’s birthday ended with a happy dog — who didn’t have to wear a funny hat.

As Ken and I go through the MS journey, we use little events — like Ernie’s birthday — as an excuse for celebration. These little lapses of jubilation bring us both happiness. We’ve even made a party out of it not raining in the midst of a week of precipitation. It takes a bit of creativity and a little work to be silly for a few hours. But it’s good therapy to suspend reality and have fun over something that is really nothing.

Today we’re celebrating the first day it will be 80 degrees this year. We’re hauling out the sandals and shades and heading to the lake front to pretend it’s summer. Then we’ll meet a friend for an afternoon spent giggling over a cup of coffee.

When there are so many times of just hanging out at home because Ken is too weak to do anything else, these little spurts of joy in the form of made-up parties are just the ticket to a good day. It’s a way we cope with frustrations of daily life. We need the diversion.

So, as we kick back and enjoy the sun on Joyce’s porch this afternoon, celebrating a pretty day, what have you celebrated lately?

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