I Got Nothing

If you’ve been following my blog for awhile, you know that I use this writing experience as a warm-up for the rest of my writing day. I have come to really enjoy the thoughts that pop into my head when I sit down at my keyboard, and the best part is I can share them with you. But for some reason, this morning  I’ve got nothing. I’ve exhausted all the usual things that spur me on–I’ve read the blogs I follow; I’ve answered emails; and I’ve even made it through several levels of my game obsession on Facebook. But still nothing. I couldn’t even find a picture about nothing.

But maybe that’s okay. If Jerry Seinfeld could create a television sit-com about “nothing,” then I guess I can write about nothing, right? Hmmm–do you follow that logic?

Here’s what I mean. I could tell you that yesterday Ken and I were treated to lunch by some dear friends. We hadn’t seen this couple in almost a year, and we truly love them. Jim suffers from a debilitating blood disorder the doctors really haven’t figured out, and Cathy works as a home healthcare nurse. Plus, they like to spend a great deal of their free time with their grandchildren who live in Minneapolis. So, they are very busy. But yesterday, they carved out enough time so we could enjoy each other. Cathy is one of  my rare friends who I’ve known since kindergarten and I’ve known Jim since high school, so our friendship has deep roots. Such a time elapse is no problem for us.

I could also tell you that the birds are singing this morning. I could tell you that within a week of rain and cold weather, the sun is shining today. I could tell you that my dog is sleeping beside me as I write this post. I could even tell you that I need a shower.

What’s so amazing is, I could actually make a story out of all these “nothing” things, couldn’t I?  Maybe instead of not having anything to write today, I’m just being lazy. Perhaps I should clear my head by taking that shower, and go outside for a stroll afterward. I’m far too lazy today for a walk. Perhaps I’ll see something on my excursion that will prompt a post for tomorrow. One can hope.

Better days are coming, folks. Just stay with me!


7 thoughts on “I Got Nothing

  1. So glad I dropped by Barb, my old cat buried in a beanbag by my desk.
    I was so impressed with your sensible intention to rely on your blog as a pre-writing warmup, only to see you fall by the wayside as I mostly do these days.

    The problem being that we must write I guess, & we don’t like to leave things not fully developed.Like you say, maybe the `writing’ can wait. After-all, there are those sweet unfinished `nothings’.

    Could you really leave them @ that tender age? All wide eyed & full of expectation?
    Cheers, ic

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