Celebrate the Good Times!



Happy Sunday Everyone!

Ken and I had a good week, part of which was celebrating our 16th wedding anniversary. It was a glorious day, sunny, above freezing and best of all, Ken felt well. We drove across town to one of our favorite restaurants, held hands across the table, toasted ourselves with a very rare cocktail (we don’t have them often), and enjoyed a lovely early dinner. We hoped we would have a day like this, but just in case, I had a Plan B in place if our celebration would have to take place at home. With MS in the house, we never know what the day will bring.

But Ken felt stronger than he had in a long time. In fact, he felt strong enough to walk with his walker from the car into the restaurant. With going in and going out, he walked about the length of a city block. That’s like running a 5K for someone else. But, again I had a Plan B in place — before we left, I put the wheelchair in the back of the car.

We were so delighted with the outing, we wanted to do a dance of joy in the parking lot.

If you read my post “Changing Identities” from yesterday, you know I blew off  substituted a caretaker workshop for an shopping trip with my friend. Because I followed my intuition and did what I wanted to do, that couple of hours doing “girl” stuff lifted me up. When I got home, I had energy I hadn’t had for a long time. I even joyously cleaned a couple of kitchen drawers to make room for the new set of knives I had just purchased. And after that, I happily tackled the bathroom floor with the new mop I had just bought at Big Lots.

Yeah, these things are so mundane you are probably wondering why I’m writing about them. But life happens in events like this for all of us. We diminish these truly great events—like going out for a meal with our spouse or going on a utilitarian shopping trip to Big Lots and having a hot dog for lunch at Sam’s Club with a friend–because we’re waiting for a truly great event to celebrate.

If I’ve learned anything by walking this MS journey with Ken, it is the fact we need to celebrate everyday thing–like when he can walk down the hall without having to hold on. Or celebrating a new recipe,  which turns out perfect. We celebrate every little thing we can because if we wait the BIG event or even a holiday, we’d miss out on a lot of fun.

So, don’t wait to celebrate. Do it everyday. Make a party out of it being Tuesday, or Wednesday! Don’t wait for life to bring you something special because you’ll surely miss out on the bigger share of your life.

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