Universal Creativity

man and universeI always thought that artists–painters, poets, writers, etc. were the most creative people on the planet because they have the ability to see symbolism and beauty where others don’t.  They may be just a little quirky, but they definitely see the world differently from the ordinary Joe.

But I might be wrong. After watching the History2 channel last night, I think physicists have a corner on the creative market after watching a program called “Universe.”

” Because neither of us are scientists, these type of programs are always new and offer Ken and I something to learn. Something to be curious about. Something to talk about. And they sure beat re-runs.

Last night the featured program was called:  10 ways to destroy the Earth.  As you might imagine, Number 9 and 10 were the ordinary things like a HUGE asteroid or comet hitting the Earth at light speed. That’s not so unusual, we have proof that asteroids  hit the Earth all of the time. But for the sake of this program, the asteroid would have to be as large as Mt. Everest. Now that’s a BIG mother.

But after 9 and 10, the physicists got much more creative. They had planets smashing into us. They had our orbit going out of whack and getting WAY too close to the sun. They had another scenario where the Earth went to hang out with Saturn and Jupiter, becoming just one more big chunk of space ice.  They talked about anti-matter bumping into matter and blasting us from the inside out. But, I think the weirdest scenario was if the Earth was to be attacked by Strange Matter. Yup, you heard me right–I said Strange Matter. Supposedly, this stuff would transform solid matter into mush. Supposedly, Quarks would be at the root of this evil.

And the Number One way to destroy the Earth was the parallel universe theory. Universes which are now parallel (strictly a theory), get too close to each other, gravity interferes, and Wham! They collide. Imagine 100 billion galaxies bumping into another 100 billion galaxies! Holy Cow, Batman! Can you imagine that sight?

And after the universes duke it out, smashing all creations into oblivion, the only thing left would be ONE BIG BLACK HOLE.

And then — BANG! — Another Big Bang would happen and creation would start all over again.  (I love happy endings, don’t you?)

So, I guess even ridged scientists get bored in observatories and labs, and in their spare time they entertain themselves with this kind of science fiction. You gotta love it!

4 thoughts on “Universal Creativity

  1. I think of myself as an artist, but, like you, I believe that physicists have the creativity market on lock. You would think, without hearing any explanation from a physicist, that some of the theories are right out of science fiction novels. Nope. Physicists really think this stuff up, and some of it is proven. CRAZY. Sorry. I friggin’ love science as much as the arts.

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