Research and Yet Another Time Change

colorful libraryIn case you didn’t notice, I took the day off yesterday. Usually on Sunday, I post a short story. (I really hope you knew that.),  but I slept in and decided after changing ALL of the clocks, I was just too pooped to bother.

I hate time changes. (You probably remember my Soap Box tirade I did on the subject last time we did this nonsense.) Isn’t hard to fathom why a change of one hour can change such havoc? My equilibrium is completely thrown off. In the Spring, I’m always an hour late and in the Fall, I’m always an hour early. It drives me bonkers.

On top of that, the warm temperatures of 40+ degrees has brought RAIN and his buddy FOG with him. Yesterday, we had the lights on until about noon. Today will be the same; that is until later this afternoon. The weatherman on the television has just said it will cool off  later and bring snow showers –Yuck! I know, I know, I’m whining about weather again. Sorry. On top of the weather, it’s Monday. That’s a depressing combination, you have to admit.

So, what to do today? Write. What else?

I’ve gotten to a section of my novel  STEPHANIA COMES TO AMERICA where I have to go and research again,  so I’ll be reading, taking notes and collecting different accounts of California in 1915. Yes,, I did say California. I can’t tell you why because that would give the story away. The California connection comes toward the end of the story and then I can go back to the manuscript and take it to the finale.

Unfortunately traveling into the past isn’t as fun as traveling in the present. Life 100 years ago WAS VERY different than what goes on today, so jumping on a plane wouldn’t work. Instead of escaping this dreary weather, I’ll be basking in the dusty stacks at the library, or I’ll  let my fingers do the walking through the Internet. The trip isn’t exotic or even fun; it’s a necessary part of bringing my readers along with the trip my characters are taking.

So, wherever you are, I certainly hope you’re spending your Monday basking in the sunshine. It has to be visible somewhere on this planet. 🙂

5 thoughts on “Research and Yet Another Time Change

  1. No sunshine today in my neck of the woods . . . and no snow showers yet either. After a very warm and sunny day yesterday, and yes, oh, yes! I had the windows opened first thing! this morning I opened my slider to yesterday’s warmth still lingering, a rain shower, and the SMELL of spring coming! ~Mary

  2. No sun here either. Back to drizzle till next weekend. Then more weekend sunshine then more rain. I’m going to sew today after my sister finally vacates the guest/sewing room. Maybe I’ll take a short nap first. 🙂

  3. I can kind of see the sun today, but you’ll be glad to know it’s cloudy here as well 😉

    Best of luck with your research – as I’ve recently found out, it can come in very handy! 😀

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