Writing for Royalties?

Cover_immigrantsThe royalty reports are in from the publisher, and I’m sorry to say, two of my books, STRANGER IN THE SPOTLIGHT and THE LOVE IMMIGRANTS have not sold well, so no royalties. I tell myself I’m not writing to make money–which is only partially true. The biggest part of me wants my books to be read. So the news was a little disheartening.

What makes me mad is I think  THE LOVE IMMIGRANTS” is probably the best book I’ve written, so far. It’s a story about war brides leaving their European homes FOREVER.  They will most likely never see their families again, plus they are going to a world that is very different from the one they know.

Even though Americans and most of Europe speak English, that’s where the similarities end. Cultural differences can be overwhelming because the nuances of a culture are learned by being a member of that culture.

And if that wasn’t enough, the women only knew their men during wartime. War heightens every sense, and life is lived on the edge because there is a real fear that there will be no future. Now these same men, will be different–first because they have returned to their home and familiar surroundings, and second their lives will settle back into the mundane everyday things we all do, instead of offering excitement.

So, when I learned that I didn’t sell any copies of this novel, I was heartbroken because this is a good story! (Can’t you just see my humbleness.) 

Part of the problem is because this book was released sooner than I anticipated. Within a month of TEA AND BISCUIT GIRLS, it was out there, too. Those of you who follow my blog know that I have very limited coins for things like marketing my novels, but it is clear that I have to scrape some money together to give THE LOVE IMMIGRANTS a chance.

So, if you know any laid-off fairy-godmothers, send her my way. Or maybe good Karma will come –or maybe a teaching assignment for the summer. Somethings gotta give.

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