Mourning in the Morning–The “Bun” is Dead

coffee-photoKen and I have been stuck in the house all week. The snow has fallen every day since Monday afternoon, and now it’s piled as high as the neighbor’s six foot fence.

We’ve found things to entertain ourselves. We each have a laptop computer, a  television with a zillion channels, and a daily supply of our favorite beverage — coffee. I’m happy to say, we have stayed happy and safe all week.

But this morning tragedy struck. Our faithful 12 year old Bun coffee pot died. It was a silent death. It happened in the night. I think its heating element gave out, but we’re waiting for the coroner’s report as to cause of death. So we’re in mourning this morning.

We’ll miss our faithful friend. After all, the hot brew he gave us was –the fuel to get going–the warmth in our tummies–the nectar of the gods. Well, you get the idea.

The worst part is, right now, we have no money to spare to buy a new one. It stinks.

But never fail. Where there is a will there is a way.

When I was working in an office, I had my own one-cup French press  I used to make a good cup of coffee every morning. Guess what got reinstated today? Yup. My little one-cupper came to the rescue and saved the day morning. It will be a laborious process to get eight cups out during the course of the day, but we will make due with what we have.

And when the weather clears, I’ll venture out into the frozen tundra and travel to the thrift stores. I’ve raided my piggy bank and found a couple of bucks, so with it being half-price day at Value Village and a  little bit of luck, my French Press can once again retire to the top of the cabinet when we plug in a coffee pot replacement for our dead Bun.


The coffee pot is alive! How can that be?

The true culprit was the evil electrical outlet in the kitchen. The safety reset button got tripped for some reason–maybe it had to do with the horrible weather we’ve been having–but who knows? I pushed the red button, and voila! The faithful, old Bun gurgled like a giant waking from a winter’s slumber as its reservoir started heating once again.

Now, there is great rejoicing in the kingdom!  The King and Queen will live happily ever after, sipping their morning coffee until late afternoon.


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