My Snow Job

Latest Novel from McCloskey

Latest Novel from McCloskey

Yesterday was a great day. I received my editor’s comments for FINDING GESSLER, and together with the horrible snow storm that was manifesting outside, my butt was planted in my writing chair all day. I had a big job to do and no procrastination route was available, so there I sat. No errand was important enough to drag me away from my task; nothing was worth taking a chance of sliding off the road and into a ditch. It was perfect!

I spent my day, sipping coffee–one cup after another–incorporating Heidi’s edits into what will be the final manuscript. (I’m also waiting for Linda, my proofreader to go through it, too.) I am bound and determined to make this manuscript  as close to perfect as possible. With all the trained eyes going through it, how can I miss?

As I wait for the proofreader’s corrections, I will be working on a different project. (I’ve got at least 6 WIPs, so I move from manuscript to manuscript to keep things interesting.) The latest project is a book several people have encouraged me to write. It’s about the journey Ken and I are traveling with  Multiple Sclerosis. They claim it will be a Best Seller, but I am reluctant to put my heart out there — which is ridiculous because I do THAT everyday on this blog. So I’m forging ahead — into a blinding snow storm of emotions– hoping I’ll live through the experience.

But hey, if it’s destined to be a Best Seller, I’d better get to it, right? 🙂

On another note — my literary agent through Publish America has presented TEA AND BISCUIT GIRLS to a larger publisher in Nashville, TN. Right now, that’s all I know — so stay tuned.

Who knows, this “writing thing” maybe turn into a “real job” after all!

4 thoughts on “My Snow Job

  1. Good news! Great news! New opportunities! Congrats and keep moving forward! Oh, and forget “the real job” thing . . . you are good at your “writing thing” cause you love it! I believe sooner or later the money will come 🙂 In any case, I for one am staying tuned!

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