It’s Definitely a Day to Write, Write, Write

woman, computer and coffeeToday I’ll be writing. I’m going to sit in my chair ALL day and make up for not writing yesterday. I feel sooooo guilty for not producing one single line of text yesterday. Do you feel that way, too? When you procrastinate and do something other than what you’re supposed to do?

Guilt or no guilt, I had a good excuse not to write yesterday. I’m blaming my lackadaisical behavior on the weather. Yup. The weather.

February in Wisconsin is the month that just about breaks us all. Usually, it’s cold, gray, windy. But yesterday, it was sunny, over 40 degrees (remember we’re Fahrenheit in this neck of the woods), and most of all Ken felt well enough to get out of the house for a little while.

We didn’t do anything exotic. We went to Burger King and had the senior special. For $4.00 we got 2 whopper juniors (regular size hamburger), two small fries, and two drinks. It was plenty of food, and our outing gave us a chance to talk about the weather and other topics without Ernie begging for nibbles under our table.

As we drove home in our fully-paid car, I thanked God and my father-in-law for such a great day. We may not have what we want, but somehow we always get what we need.

And the weather today? Blustery, single digit temperatures, snow, and otherwise miserable. So, I’m set. I’ll write, drink my coffee, turn on the classical music and enjoy the warmth of our space heater that looks like a cozy, wood burning stove.

Oh, and I’m keeping the blinds shut today.

4 thoughts on “It’s Definitely a Day to Write, Write, Write

  1. Burger King has a Senior Day? What day of the week is that? We must be a day or two behind you weather wise. Tomorrow (Friday) it is suppose to hit 40. And, yep, on bad wintery days, I keep the blinds shut, too. It just seems cozier inside with them drawn 🙂

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