A New Book Review

I received a new review on my second book, STRANGERS IN THE SPOTLIGHT, on February 13. Unfortunately, the reviewer did not sign their name, but I do know they were hired by PublishAmerica, my publishing company. I present it to you in order for you to make your own judgement.

Book cover 2Review of Stranger in the Spotlight

Donna Simpson lives for the stage. Her talent is finally noticed during World War II, while performing in the Foxhole Circuit with the USO. After 13 months, she’s inspired to follow her dreams in Hollywood where all stars go to make it in the business.

In STRANGER IN THE SPOTLIGHT, readers will learn about what happens to those who set off to chase a dream and are forced to decide whether they wish to compromise themselves for the sake of stardom. Barbara Celeste McCloskey has written a novel about following dreams and the sometimes unfortunate results of taking the chance of a lifetime.

After meeting Tony, Donna thinks she’s found it all in Hollywood. Her luck at finding someone to take her under his wing and boost her professional career enhances when Tony wins her heart. Despite advice to stay away from him, she can’t resist his charm. What she doesn’t know is that Tony has a history that will threaten her life.

In a quest to move her career forward, Donna takes acting lessons and learns tricks of the trade she can combine with her raw talent. Tony’s love for Donna propels him to propose marriage, to which Donna readily agrees. Everything seems to be going according to Donna’s master plan until an unexpected pregnancy adds a layer of uncertainty to her future; then tragedy strikes on her wedding day.

The bitter truth of show business surfaces well into Donna’s path to success, and she’s forced to face the reality that so many women must face in order to succeed in the industry: her agent believes she needs to alter her physical appearance with surgery. Desperate to succeed and rise above other starlets, she agrees to the life-changing surgery.

When Tony’s past surfaces, Donna and Tony’s romantic dream life is shattered. As if that isn’t enough, another unexpected event adds to their already tense lifestyle. The couple watches as their fairytale romance crumbles and they must decide to adapt to the challenges or leave each other.

Barbara Celeste McCloskey presents a piece of Americana, focusing on the American dream and the sacrifices one must make in order to achieve that dream. Like in real life, the dream doesn’t work out for everyone the way they anticipated. STRANGER IN THE SPOTLIGHT is an entertaining page turner for everyone who likes a good romance story.

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