True Love Shown on Valentine’s

Today, I’m Grateful.

bleeding heart

I’ve come from the depths of despair to be revived by my dear friends and my beautiful in-laws who have all surrounded me with their love. I wasn’t going to talk about my situation, but I have to speak. It’s too beautiful not to pass on to you.

Just so you all know, for my entire life I have not been a slacker. I’ve been a doer. A leader. A hard worker. A person who wasn’t afraid to take the road “less traveled.”  For example, I was managing websites, when I barely knew what the Internet was back in 1995.  I’ve explored different careers. I’ve been a secretary, an adult college student, a business writer, an E-Commerce manager, a financial adviser, and an author with five books under my belt and two more ready for the editor. My latest career as a caretaker for my dear husband who suffers from Multiple Sclerosis is by far the most challenging of my life.  But that’s enough about me. I find tooting my own horn crass.

I just want you to understand, I’ve always paid my bills on time without fail . . . until the last year. And on Tuesday, my car was repossessed.

After Ken and I got all our junk out of the car, I handed the tow truck driver my keys. I didn’t cry. Instead, I sat in my chair with a numbness I can’t explain. It was almost as if this horrible, humiliating thing had just happened to someone else. That evening, Ken and I looked at each other and wondered where our lives had gone so wrong.

After a couple of hours of accepting what had happened, I found enough strength to call a friend. Then another. Ken called his parents. Before we knew it, the ball was rolling and we were surrounded in love. “It’ll be all right, Barb.” They all said. Then they took action.

By the next day, my dear father-in-law went to the bank and paid off the balance of our loan. My other friend, Jackie gave me money to get the car off the impound lot. Terry brought me the reflux medicine I needed. And Kay told me this morning that she’s going to spearhead some kind of fund raiser to help us.

The moral to this very personal story is this: Friends are the greatest gifts the Universe gives us. It’s evident  God works through them whenever He/She can. They are more precious than gold.

So, on this Valentine’s Day, be sure to give all of your friends and family a big hug and let them know how dear they are to you. They are special blessings. My story is sound proof.

Happy Valentine’s Everyone. Thanks for reading.

5 thoughts on “True Love Shown on Valentine’s

  1. I have to comment.I’ve had a feeling that things were difficult for you. It only takes one serious illness to completely destitude a family in this country. I think it borders on criminal. That’s part of the reason so many have lost homes and more. No one thinks you are a slacker by any stretch of the imagination. Caregiving is something I’ve done most of my life and it leaves you with few mental and physical resources. But your need provides others the opportunity to help. Being the needer now, has given me that perspective. I’m not any better at it than you. Bless them all for coming to your aid. And bless you for being able to accept it graciously. Later, if opportunity arises, we get to pay it forward. Have a wonderful Valentines Day. I will hold you in my heart.

    • Marlene — Thank you so much for your loving words. Ken and I planned to go to Red Lobster for lunch today– we saved our Christmas gift certificates, but with no car, we’re taking a rain check until we get our transportation returns. Our outing will be all that more special when it happens a few day late. And like my daughter says, Valentine’s is a Hallmark holiday anyhow.

  2. Barb, sending you love and hugs. If I was closer I would be there with you. You are so strong my friend. I admire you so much. So many people would just “throw in the towel ” but not you. You are in my thoughts and prayers. I love you.

  3. Hi Barb,

    I am so sorry about your troubles. I am so happy you have so many friends to help out. Please keep me posted on the fundraiser, and if I can, I will help out some way. Silent auction? I can provide something. Grunt work at the fundraiser, I am there. I so enjoyed connecting with you and Ken this summer.

    • Mary — You are so dear. I’m glad we reconnected too. And I will be sure to let you know if my friends put anything together. Right now, the brain child of the idea is out of town.

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