Monday, Monday, What a Great Day!

Yesterday I had a surge of energy. It came out of nowhere. And on top of it–It was MONDAY!


The Super Bowl was celebrated with a party with good friends. The team I picked, won. The mess was minimal and I had it cleaned up by 9 a.m. A very pretty, fluffy snow was falling outside my window, and I didn’t have to go anywhere. My post went easily. It seemed like all the stars were aligned.

Best of all. my energy was high and I was ready to tackle household chores. Up until last week, Ken has always done the laundry as part of his domestic chores, but his weak legs now prevent him from going down the stairs to the basement. So, now I have inherited this new chore. I haven’t done the wash for over 17 years, so I had to get reacquainted with the washing machine, dryer, sorting, etc. But it was okay.

While I was down in the basement, I got out the broom and started cleaning. When I saw what my cat Vinnie had done, I wanted to pack him up and take him to kitty jail. For some reason, this good cat decided that the WHOLE basement was a new little litter box for his “poopies.” What a mess! But it was okay.

Then, I found a couple of blank canvases that I didn’t know I had. I haven’t painted anything for well over a year and I knew it could be a disaster if I picked up a brush. And then all of a sudden, I had an idea. So I picked out three colors, put the canvas on my easel and went to work. Here’s what happened. Maybe not Monet, but I like it. My father-in-law made the frame and it seems to go together.

A Golden Witner

A Golden Witner

9 thoughts on “Monday, Monday, What a Great Day!

  1. Love your painting, A Golden Winter, Barb! I was gonna attach a picture from yesterday’s blog of my dream writing spot… guess I am not technical enough cause I could not do it. It’s really very casual… but has lots of windows, too… love to look out at the calmness of nature! 🙂 Dy

    • Thanks. You’re very kind. Painting is like writing, though. It always can be better. My teacher took one look at this on line and made a suggestion to make it better. Kind of like an editor!


  2. Nice when it all comes together like that. In your Monday excitement your first words chores became chose. I like the painting too. Personally don’t like Monet, I apreciate the process, but I like realistic paintings that you can walk into.

  3. Barbara, something must be up because I had a really good Monday myself, and really this week has just been all around great! I like your painting. I paint in spurts and sputters, but then I just really do it for myself. And why do we need windows? For the light! I really don’t know why we need the light, but I do have a work table near my slider window not only so I can watch the outdoor activity, but I just love the light that comes in there. ~Mary

    • The light, huh? You’re probably right. I think it’s the way we bring nature indoors. When we get down to it, I think deep down we all love being outside.


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