When Do You Part With a Greeting?

greeting cards2What do you do with greeting cards? I’ve kept all of the ones I’ve received with pugs on them because they make me smile. Then there’s a few special ones from my husband and daughters. Then there’s a few that are just too cute or too funny to throw out. I love the ones that “sing” when I open them. My collection now is about 5 inches thick. Thinking of throwing them into the bin is just uncompromisable.

I’ve always been a person who has a “Thrift Store Contribution Bag” in my back bedroom. It’s ready to collect items that I’ve replaced with new, or clothes I don’t (or can’t) wear any longer. I even have “gifted” things that I’ve collected.  By no means am I a hoarder; I weed out my closets and storage areas at least once a year. I’ve adopted the mantra, “If I haven’t used it during the last year, out it goes.” Perhaps someone else will find use for it. This mantra is good for most things, but not all.

Besides my greeting card collection, I have kept  my scrap book from grade school, my high school memorabilia, my photos from the time I was born (and in some cases before I made my appearance), my Cabbage Patch Dolls and the clothing I sewed for them. Even though these things are packed away in boxes and I haven’t looked at them in a long time, I MUST keep them. I even have a couple 20-year old dresses, which have special sentimental memories. I will never give them away even though, I do not have the slim body that once wore them.

I know if a tornado went through our area and destroyed our home, such things would be lost forever, and I would live. But until something drastic happens, I think I will hang on to these mementos. And when I die, someone else can throw them away. By then, they will have served their purpose.

So, do you keep special greeting cards and other items that are worthless to everyone except for you? And if you do, what do you keep?

6 thoughts on “When Do You Part With a Greeting?

  1. I love keeping greeting cards, Barbara. I’ve also kept all the drawings the children did when they were young (it’s difficult to carry it all every time I move!) 😉

  2. I have kept old cards thinking I’d use them in craft projects. When I moved, the cards just added weight so I left them behind. I did keep 2 of my mothers old pots that she used all the time for 50 years and I think one was her mothers. I kept all her needlework and hung it on my wall. I’m sentimental too. I have her doilies I’d like to stitch onto quilts, pillows or frame. Some things are easy to let go of, others, well, not so much.

  3. I have a file cabinet with a folder section for ‘cards’ When I feel the world can careless about me, i sip my rum, sit back on the sofa and become reminded I’m cared for. You can always scan the cards or take pics of them with your smart phones. In fact im sure there are greeting card photo saver apps out there. I’ve always appreciated that my mother kept my childhood memories packed away and gave them back to me. I too cant see throwing them in the trash so packed away in a box they sit.

  4. I have my keepsakes stored in three totes . . . . course I have a CLOSET full of other stuff. I am not even sure anymore what is in the keepsake totes, but I have often thought to get them out and see! (May be a good blog post or two in there!) I know there are some things I would like to give my sons . . . but for now, I am keeping them. ~Mary

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