Lady Ba-Ba

Lady  BABAThe other day, I found a website called “My Web Face” and thought I’d play with the drawing tools. To the left is what I came up with. Not exactly a “real” likeness is it?

Since I was forced into “retirement” three years ago because I couldn’t find ANY good job, I’ve been wondering whether I should grow out the grey hair that has been accumulating at the roots for several years.

Unfortunately the picture to see what it MIGHT look like clearly failed.

So when does one own up to the fact that she or he is “old” enough to have gray hair when there’s plenty of chemicals out there to keep one’s appearance looking “young?”

After all, there’s no good way to hide the fine lines and wrinkles without having to rob a bank for a high quality “age defying” cream. And what about those ugly skin tags that seem to pop out wherever they want to? Worst of all, there’s “age spots” that show up on hands and face. And I won’t even get into the ugly white hairs that pop out of my chin! Wouldn’t it just be easier to accept the fact that I’m not a “spring chicken” and have become an old hen?

I don’t know which way to turn. When I color my hair, I seem to get the stuff everywhere –it has even ended up on the walls, when I am extremely careful. I would much rather be pampered in a saloon, but our meager budget doesn’t provide for such vanity. I need to spend the $40 or $50 for groceries instead. So, do I let vanity fly out the window the same way I’ve lost my waist?

So help me out here. Should I swallow my pride and let the grey grow out? OR, should I continue my vanity for a few more years before I hit old age–like 80?

Please vote. It’s your responsibility as blogger buddies. Make your voices known.

9 thoughts on “Lady Ba-Ba

  1. As a former well trained image and color consultant, I learned that gray hair was natures way of keeping you young looking. It will soften your appearance. I have counselled many women, including my own mother into going back to the gray. It made my mother appear more approachable and friendly. Every woman that I convinced to go back to their natural color has remained that way. Not one went back to coloring and the complements were astounding. Three basic colors to work with in your wardrobe: Natural hair color, eye colors (there are several usually), and skin colors. Anything that blasts out too boldly being held against the skin, should not be worn next to the face. I vote for natural every time.

  2. Barbara, you have done it again! A post close to my heart! Well, here is my vote – go natural. I only colored my hair for a few years – it was a pain in the butt. I stopped four years ago, and I have never been happier. Plus, I am growing it out long. I usually wear it back in a pony tail, and when I finally let it down and be wavy, people were surprised. I get so many compliments on my hair, salt and pepper streaks included! Yep, natural is definitely the unstressed way to go! ~Mary

    • I posed this questions to two of my closest friends and they were aghast I was thinking of going natural. I’m still sitting on the fence.


      • Well, while you are sitting on the fence, let it go for awhile and see what you think. You can always color it if you get too uncomfortable with it. Consider it research for a future post. Tell you a secret . . . since I am unemployed and mostly at home, some times I don’t even comb my hair!! For days!!! And since I also live alone, I can finally drink out the liter coke bottle without hearing, “Get a glass!” 🙂 ~Mary

      • Mary — We are birds of a feather in some regard, that’s for sure. But I never drink out of the Coke bottle, but I have been known to take a swig out of the milk jug. 🙂


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