A Touch of Beauty Through the Dead of Winter

January 2012 008It snowed last night. Probably just an inch or two. I’m looking out my window and enjoying the scene before I have to deal with slippery roads and temperatures that chill me down to my liver. This morning the few flakes that fell last night gave a confectionery dusting over the sleepy tree limbs and bushes. It’s truly a pretty sight.

As I enjoy the winter scene as I write these lines, something in the distance draws my attention through the winter scene. I’m watching an American flag waving in the distance in a cold and lonely cemetery.  The red, white and blue gently floating in a light breeze has unknowingly drawn my attention through the snow-covered limbs and otherwise dead winter scene. (If you look REAL hard, you’ll see it in the middle of the frame.)

As I watch the flag, I’m thinking that some people are like that flag. In their quiet way, they can’t help draw attention to themselves just because they are so beautiful. I’m not talking about physical beauty. Yeah let’s face it, some of the most beautiful faces are true beasts under the make-up!  What I’m talking about is a quiet beauty in caring eyes and gentle voices. Maybe its a sense of humor that makes you smile on really bad days. Their mere  presence makes a difference, probably because you sense their strength that lies beneath.  They are everyday heroes going on about their lives, unknowingly touching others in profound ways.

Whatever quality they possess,  you know immediately it’s special. You want to put that person in your life. And once they are there, you never want to let them go. Like that flag, they bring a touch of beauty into an otherwise dreary existence.  We are all lucky they walk the earth.

5 thoughts on “A Touch of Beauty Through the Dead of Winter

    • Thank you, D. I’m constantly trying to come up with creative ways to use words. Some are hits. Others, not so much. Once in a while I hit head-on. This was a rare occasion. It’s nice to hear to like my style.


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