Gray Days are Good for Something

gray winter dayI hate Winter. It’s full of highs and lows; worst of all, it’s full of  slippery roads and sidewalks, not to mention its extremely long, dark days.

On top of that, January means it’s time to take down the Christmas decorations. I told myself I had to leave them up until Ken’s parents came up from Chicago . . . but that was just an excuse. They came during the day, so there was no good reason for me to leave the lights up that long.

Today, I’m mourning having to put away the inside Christmas decorations. This is when I cry. I know that after the colored lights, ornaments and garland is packed away until next December, it will look plain and dull in my living room. I feel like something beautiful has died.

From now until April, I”ll endure the doldrums of winter. The cold makes it necessary to bundle in layers every time I leave the house. The snow makes a mess of the roads and travel treacherous. Oh sure, the white blanket on the ground and the ice that makes the trees looks like Waterford crystal is pretty–but wait. Mother Nature’s a cagey one. She  lulls us into a state of wonder . . . and then Wham! Reality strikes. Lift that shovel! Try to balance on that ice! And in a few days, put up with a dirty residue that makes everything sooty and disgusting.

In my opinion, Winter is just for children. I remember days when I’d play with the neighborhood kids, having snowball fights, building snowmen and sliding down hills on sleds. And then of course, Winter is also for those grown-up children who enjoy scooting from bar to bar on their snowmobiles. There are still others who look forward to taking their lives in their hands as they tear down the slopes on two skinny skis.  But for the rest of us, the gray days of the winter months we must endure.

Because I’m a born optimist, I always try to find a glimmer of light in every situation, so I know I will use these dull, quiet, gray days to write.  In fact, today, I’m trying out Dianne Gray’s technique for fleshing out a character by having a friend interview “Stephania”  to see what I don’t know about her. It’s a positive step to fill in the blanks to make her character more interesting.

If I don’t uncover any deep secrets Stephania has been hiding from me, spending time with a friend is always a great way to spend a gray Winter day.

4 thoughts on “Gray Days are Good for Something

  1. I know just how you feel. I had to leave the mountains of Arizona when I decided I could no longer shovel 6 ft of snow. Portland, OR is gloomy a lot but you never need a shovel. Odd place for someone who is solar powered to live. I call this my hibernation time. Bears get it so why not us. All I can suggest is more light and fast music. Works for me…most of the time.:) Hang in there. The heat will be back soon.

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