Savoring a Moment–It’s a Lost Art

couple at restaurantI’ve come to realize during the past three years, that when life boils down from the excitement of youth, it’s the simmering that really brings out the best flavor. Here’s what I mean:

It was a good day yesterday. The planets must have aligned in the cosmos or something because the day was perfect. Bright sunshine replaced the winter’s usual gray. The little snow that we’ve had melted, and the pavement was dry. The usual January frigid temperatures warmed into the 40s.

But best of all, Ken felt energetic and well enough to venture out. It was a day for celebration. So, we jumped in the car, got much needed haircuts, and treated ourselves to lunch at a nice restaurant with one of our Christmas gift certificates.

It had been a couple of months since we were able to sit in a restaurant and smile across the table at each other. I know he was thinking the same thing I was when such an occurrence was “normal.” Even ordinary. But now’s it’s become special, because it’s almost rare.

We joked with the waitress, while she served us delicious food. We stuffed ourselves on mussels, salad and bread sticks as we saw each other from a different perspective. We were on a “date.” It was fun! It even felt romantic. (I’m sure this seems rather curious for two people who are together 24/7, doesn’t it?)

Ken’s Multiple Sclerosis and all it’s nasty traits took a backseat today, so we could have a break in our daily monotony. We enjoyed the waitress catering to us, as Italian music wafted in the background. We listened to the buzz of the other patrons as we laughed together. We even held hands across the table. It was special. And over all too soon. Our adventure lasted 90 minutes. But for those 90 minutes we enjoyed the fact that Ken felt well and energetic. We know a blessing when we see one.


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