The Necessity of a Calendar

day plannerIt’s Saturday–at least that’s what they tell me. You see, when you spend all of your time at home, one day is so much like the one before and the one after. I’m never really sure what day it is. Do you think a calendar would help?

Ken and I had planned a road trip to Chicago today for our LAST Christmas celebration with his family. But, Mother Nature sprinkled some snow over our area this morning, which has made venturing outside too difficult for him. Perhaps if Ken could sit in his motorized wheelchair and drive down our new ramp to a van with a wheelchair lift, we’d stand a chance–but that vehicle is on the WISH list.

So, we’re staying at home–again.

I’m not complaining. I’m just a little disappointed. Ken’s family is so fun to be around. I hate to miss this gathering. There’s always lots of laughs, hugs and positive energy floating around, I feel energized after being with them. We love playing together, be it a board game, a card game or something like Pictionary. If our house was bigger, I would just have them all come here. The only problem is our little 1100 square foot house would have people sitting on each other’s laps.  Heck, the whole clan fills up the backyard in the summertime! And besides that, they all live about 100 miles away from us, so asking all of them to traipse up here is a little presumptuous.

It’s a bummer.

It must be the aftermath of the holidays that has me writing about these frustrations. Ordinarily, I just keep the disappointments and heartaches at bay, but I’ve grown weary of so many of them, and they are crying out to cry out. So, I’m sorry I’m succumbing to them by writing about them here. I wouldn’t blame you if you didn’t come back.

I know so many of you look to different bloggers to gain special insights to improve your writing. I know do. I also know there are teachers out there who look to me to come up with creative ideas to create creative minds. I know I do. But today, inspiration has left me, and if you’re still reading this, bless you.

I think I’ll go take a shower and wash away this stinking disappointment and try to find something to keep me busy today. Perhaps I’ll come up with a name for my main character in my Revolutionary War novel I have brewing in my head. Or I’ll just veg and play that addicting Facebook Candy Crush Saga game, but I promise, no more whining tomorrow. That’s my New’s Years Resolution. Your my witness.

Oh, that’s right! Tomorrow is Sunday. Short story day! Now there’s something I have to do–get my story in shape for tomorrow.

I really MUST get a calendar!

3 thoughts on “The Necessity of a Calendar

  1. Just read a quote I like.

    Yesterday is history, Tomorrow is a mystery. Today is a gift, Which is why we call it the present.

    If we could only approach it in this fashion. I am painting up a storm. Just sold two more of my give-a-way pieces. Call them that because priced at 20 and 15 dollars hardly covers cost of materials, let alone time involved, but I have fun doing them. This past week was really bad for me, but based on quote, I am going to make this a good one. Love you

    • Dear Marie,

      Heard this quote a while ago and live it everyday. So sorry the holidays were so difficult for you. I hope painting soothes your soul. I know that the money is hardly worth the trouble, but you love painting enough to do it for free, right? Sometimes the money is not important. My writing takes me away from a dismal situation and allows me to travel to times and places that interest me. Someday, soon I will be “discovered,” but until then, I’ll stay in the present and keep on keeping on. Love you, too. Barb


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