When a Good Thing Ends

ChristmasThe day after Christmas, and all through the house,

the wrappings and ribbons were lying about.

The boxes were empty, and the lights have grown dim,

It’s time for the house cleaning now to begin.

Momma with her vacuum, and duster and rag,

Papa stands ready with his full garbage bag.

And what do my wondering eyes do appear,

The yard is free of Rudolph for another year.

Okay,  okay . . . it’s not Robert Frost poetry, but I made another attempt at writing poetry. Tell me to stop!

What I’m trying to say is the hype of the  holiday has come and gone and in another week, the decorations that we painstakingly put up to make our houses and apartments look festive will once again be packed away until next year. The coziness of moving furniture together to make room for the Christmas tree will go back to its assigned spot when the tree is hauled to the curb or stored downstairs under a tarp. The warm glow of the colored lights will be replaced with glaring light bulbs in lamps, which will help us limp through the January, February and March. (If you live in the Northern Midwest, you might also include April and sometimes May before the promise of spring appears.) It’s barren when the red, white, green, silver and gold lights and bobbles won’t appear until December 2013. Even a little sad. But every year we sense when it’s time to put away the toys and decorations and once again get back to work.

For me, it’s two new novels and a book of short stories. That’s my New Year’s goal–to keep writing, striving to improve and getting my tales out there where others can enjoy them. That’s my profession and my curse. But I wouldn’t have it any other way.

So enjoy the last few days of the holiday with friends and laughter. I thank you for making my acquaintance through this blog, and after we turn the page of the calendar, I promise to put away my nostalgia, too.

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