Goodbye and Good Luck

Open your world.

Open your world.

Today is the last day of my writing class. We’re not doing any coursework. We’re just meeting, so I can pass along their final exams and wish them well in their subsequent semesters.

I’m also planning a little Christmas party. It’s purely selfish on my part. I guess it’s because I know some of these folks will not have much of a Christmas because of their economic status. I’m hoping some of them will remember me as a person who encouraged them, even though many times I wanted to shake them and yell, “Wake up! This is your future we’re talking about!”

I have two students I know will go on and get their degrees because they are willing to put in the work it takes to graduate. I have three “special needs” students who will probably never make it. In between, there lies the rest of the class. They have the ability, but no desire. I think they are in school because they don’t know what else to do.

What I’m trying to do with my small gifts is to tell them there is at least one person in the world who cares about them. Oh, and I’m also leaving a little of propaganda with them, too. Maybe some of you can take away a message from these quotations I’ve put together. Or maybe you can pass them on to someone who might need to hear them.


As we part at the end of the semester, I want to give you some thoughts that someday may inspire you. Think about these quotes, then continue your quest.

Your future is created by what you do today, not tomorrow.Kiyoshaki

You are what you think about all day long. — Robert Schuller

You are creating your future with every single thought.Jack Canfield

Finally, here are a few “Barbara Tips” you can take with you:

  • Being fearful of making a mistake prevents you from taking action. TAKE ACTION!
  • Education is all about attitude – be positive toward learning. DON”T MAKE EXCUSES.
  • Nobody ever died from working hard in school. PUT FORTH YOUR BEST EFFORT.
  • Frequently people are unsuccessful because they are afraid to fail. FEEL THE FEAR AND DO IT ANYWAY!
  • Whether you’re rich or poor, be happy first. HAPPINESS BRINGS GOOD THINGS INTO YOUR LIFE.
  • A strong, positive self-perception will carry you through all of the ups and downs in life. THINK THE BEST ABOUT YOURSELF.
  • Everyone has bad times; it’s how you handle them that show what kind of person you truly are. SHOW YOUR BEST WHEN THINGS ARE THE WORST.
  • Be aware of the words you use. What you say is a reflection of your self-perception. CHANGE YOUR WORDS, AND YOU’LL CHANGE YOUR LIFE.
  • A long journey begins with the IDEA to go on the trip. GET ON THE TRAIN TOWARD SUCCESS.

Finally, I leave you with this thought. The true definition of a teacher is someone who tries to draw out the genius in her students. When you find the genius inside of you, don’t shut the door. Instead, welcome it in, encourage it and continue to learn for a lifetime.

It’s the best gift I can give you.

–Barbara Celeste McCloskey

10 thoughts on “Goodbye and Good Luck

  1. Oh the class is out ALREADY! I guess it’s the end of the semester! DUH!!! Well It’s good they have a teacher who makes them THINK and not just TEST! Did you see that teacher resign over You Tube? IT was such a great note.

    • Thanks, Dianne. Believe it or not, this class presented me with a Christmas present two. A dinner night out with my husband at the Olive Garden (very nice restaurant) and a trip to Michael’s Craft Store.(one of my favorite stores.) I was totally blown away. I guess as a writer my favorite is: Change your words, and you’ll change your world..

  2. Do you know for sure that the 2 students you think highly of will pursue a higher education? Do you know for a fact that let’s say she might get pregnant, drop out and put off school?

    And what do you mean that the special needs students will never make it? I guess it’s a waste of your time and tax payers dollars right?

    Why haven’t you been able to connect with the rest of your ‘economically challenged’ students? Maybe it’s not their fault. It’s your fault. Maybe you have lost the creativity as an instructor to bring out the uniqueness of the individual.

    Why were you surprised that these very students you wrote off, actually thought about you and purchased you and your husband gifts? Don’t ever underestimate your students. Your just one teacher and this is one class… NOT their future.

    You like quotes. Here’s one from a troubled student who one day bought a car, bought a car dealership, and several more to follow.

    “When I was a kid my teacher said I was a piece of shit, just the other day I seen my teacher again and she was DRIVING A PIECE OF SHIT!”

    • Markus — First, I’d like to thank you for making a comment. To answer you questions. Yes, the two students who worked hard will finish their education; both are adults,and have seen the “knocks of life” and know that education is their best defense to have a chance at a better future.

      The special needs students were encouraged by me and a host of tutors who have special skills to work with people with learning disabilities, but unfortunately, it wasn’t enough.. I truly did my best for them and I never thought they were a waste of my time. Quite the opposite. I encouraged them every class time and I know they all did their best, but unfortunately, their efforts did not come up to the standard to pass the course.

      And obviously, I did connect with my economically challenged students because I’m living at the poverty level as well, even though I have a college education. You see, I’ve gotten to an age where the corporate world would rather deal with a younger person and jobs for the last three years have been at a premium.

      And yes, I did question if my creativity was lacking, so I consulted other teachers to find the “magic bullet” that would light a fire under all of my students. I took additional training and looked for new ways to present English grammar.

      And you’re right — I am just one teacher, but in their words, “Barb, you’re the best teacher I’ve ever had. I hope I can take another one of your classes next semester.” When we parted, they all hugged me.

      And you’re right again that I am not their future, but I did my best to help them have one.

      So, Markus — take your anger out on someone else. There’s a big, wide world out there that would appreciate comments such as yours. Just get all the facts before you spew your crap.

  3. Thanks for the clarification Barbara. I’m sure you’re a much better instructor than how this post perceives you. And with your response to my over critical assessment, I can tell your heart is still in ‘it’ and are frustrated that you can’t reach each student the way you would like to. And I can understand that.

    I’m an inspiring writer and I recently started a personal development blog on here. Much of my writing comes from dark, angered and of a painful place. I ponder and challenge status quo thinking. It’s my vision to also reach others who are in search for real happiness.

    Mrs. McCloskey, I applaud your efforts to reach the world through your teachings and your books. I too stand to learn something from you as I periodically browse through. I can’t promise I won’t challenge you or you challenge me, but you won’t receive any angry unwanted rants or replies from me. Fair enough?


    The hyper, disruptive, troubled, class clown student.

  4. Fair enough. As you can see, I’m up for a challenge. If you want my two cents, Markus, work through your anger on paper, but don’t show it to anyone. When I went through a very hurtful divorce, I did that. I still have the rants. And now that I’m in a good place within myself, I am very glad I never showed it to anyone. Good luck on your blog. Oh, and by the way, before I answered your comment, I visited your blog. My advice — again for what’s it’s worth, find a purpose to build an audience, and read lots and lots of other blogs. Good luck!

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