A Literary Stretch or Stench?

Woman writer

I’ve decked the halls and put up the tree,

There’s little space left for me!

But Christmas is only 10 days away,

And I’m still fussing with what to say

To friends and neighbors and family, too

I guess a simple greeting will have to do.

So Merry Christmas to one and all,

May everyone of you have a ball!

As you might tell, I don’t fashion myself as a poet. Not even close. But just now, the above eight lines came into my head, and I had to write them down before they went into the hinterlands of my mind. I guess I need to prove to myself that maybe, just maybe, I might be able to fashion a decent poem. Why? My grant writer is always pushing for me to give it a try. She’s put forth several lucrative grants that want poetry.

I find this interesting because I have so few friends who don’t bother to read poetry. Like me, the closest thing to poetry they pick up is a Hallmark greeting card. Personally, I bypass the Helen Steiner Rice poems. Syrupy poems just aren’t my style. They don’t ring true to me. Instead, I head straight for the cards with a punchline. Often I stand giggling at the card rack, as people eye me with suspicion.

But now that I’m committed to be a professional writer, getting books published, applying for grants, and entering contests–I tell myself I should be able to write poetry. But should I? After all, I’m not a technical writer either. Why try to fit in a box that might be uncomfortable?  Remember the experience in the insurance/investment business, Barbara?

So, do I use poetry as an exercise to stretch my creative juices or leave it on the shelf with other areas of writings that I do not tread? Take horror stories for instance. I don’t write them either.

4 thoughts on “A Literary Stretch or Stench?

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