Fears and Exhilaration of Flying High

mother bird

With the semester ending in two weeks, I want to give my students a gift. I want to leave them with a message that they can carry with them. My message is:

Your future is created by what you do today, not tomorrow.Kiyoshaki

You are what you think about all day long. — Robert Schuller

You are creating your future with every single thought.Jack Canfield

This class has been a challenge to my teaching skills. I’ve been frustrated and stymied, and my students have been bored. After all, how exciting is basic English grammar? But through the sixteen weeks we’ve been together, somehow we’ve achieved equilibrium. You see, by now, the twelve people who have stuck out the semester are the ones who want their lives to change. They want a brighter future, and they have learned they have to work for it.

The next step is for them to BELIEVE they can create the lives want. That’s why I want to pass on the knowledge that they CAN CREATE THEIR OWN FUTURES by simply thinking about what they want. Some people say, “Fake it till you make it;” but it’s deeper than that. Faking anything is false. What I want my students to do is find the truth about their abilities and the happiness doing work they would do for free but are making a good living doing it.

I have shared my own story because I have been where they are. When I graduated from college, I wanted to be a business writer. With the help of a very good adviser, I massaged my curriculum to graduate with the experience and skills I needed, and I had a happy career for 20 years. Then when times got tough, I took a left turn and became a financial adviser. That was a wrong turn for me–I worked every hour of the day to try to squeeze my round head into a square hole.  After six years of banging my head against the wall, I returned to writing and found happiness again. For the first time in my life, novels poured out of me. I couldn’t wait to see what my characters would do everyday when I sat down to write. I was exhilarated and happy because I was growing once again in the “soil in which I had been planted.”

When my students leave, I will remind them to follow THEIR path, not one that someone else thinks they should follow. And like a mother bird, I will push them out of the nest and encourage them to stretch their wings and fly high.

7 thoughts on “Fears and Exhilaration of Flying High

  1. I Wish I had a teacher like you when I was young.
    ***You see, by now, the twelve people who have stuck out the semester are the ones who want their lives to change.****
    So insightful and wise of you to not see them as another job to to see your classroom as a depot people come buy to get the tools they need to go on to the next step.
    Congrats on surviving the semester and thank you for being such a wonderful teacher!

    • Thanks so much for taking time to comment. I’m glad you sent the story to your teacher–it was probably one of the best gifts she ever got. And you’re right, none of us know when we’re making a difference. That’s why we need to live each day the best way we can.

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