Seeing Beauty Below the Surface

After a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner with our friends, Marc and Kay’s home, I’m spending a quiet morning reflecting on a wonderful experience. Everything was perfect. The food was abundant and outstanding. We had a chance to reunite with old friends, and I met an incredible woman.

If Cindy had been a different person with different parents, she could have given up at birth. She was born with deforming facial birth defects, but to her testimony, she was saved because of  the love and encouragement of those around her. She was constantly told she was beautiful and had the same opportunities and expectations of the other children in the family. She said she was more than loved; she was adored. Since she was born, Cindy has lived with pain everyday. She’s gone through numerous reconstructive surgeries, and she takes special pain relieving medication.

Yesterday, she became a friend. We discovered we have many common interests from the love of crafting to the kinds of television programs we enjoy. We are both curious about the world around us, and we don’t let life’s circumstances defeat us. Clicking with someone like that is exhilarating. And consequently, we both had a wonderful Thanksgiving Day just getting to know one another.

But the most curious thing happened as we spent time talking. Her spirit emerged and her facial deformities melted away. She was so beautiful and free in that moment. This must have been the face that her family and friends see. It was a miracle! She revealed her inner beauty revealed  to me, and I will be forever grateful that she felt comfortable to do so, because what I saw was so amazing.

With our preoccupation with “beauty” as dictated by fashion and fame, it’s important to witness that Hollywood and New York runways don’t have a clue about true beauty really is.

2 thoughts on “Seeing Beauty Below the Surface

  1. This is absolutely fantastic, Barbara! What a profoundly uplifting experience. I’m so glad you found Cindy and that she found you – what wonderful friends you will be 😀

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