Concerns About Blogging

Because I write about things that happen around my Midwestern American life, sometimes I become concerned whether others are really interested in reading my blog. Oh sure, I aspire to become a respected author, making my living by doing what I love, so I put myself “out there” so people reading my blog MIGHT want to read one of my novels. But other than that, I don’t have a future plan for my life. This way I can be pleasantly surprised by the good stuff and not overwhelmed by the bad stuff.  I’m not an expert on anything. Just a “Jack of all Trades” going about my life as it comes. Actually, I think I’m rather boring even though I try to keep my world open through the Science and Smithsonian television channels.

Today, I’m happy to tell you that I’m not going to concern myself with this petty worry any longer. You see, I got some great advice from Cristian Mihai, a fellow Woodpress blogger, who said all I need to do is write about my passion. He said it’s the writer’s words that make people want connect. Readers can feel the passion in the words.

Whew! What a relief! Cristian freed me to keep on keepin’ on. Yeah! I’ll continue to write about my characters who drive me nuts, my events surrounding my writing, things that happen, things that don’t happen, and all the other mundane stuff other people might miss.  I’ll continue to search for the “secret to life” in the little things, then I’ll write down my thoughts and share it with those of you who are kind enough to follow me.

With that said, here’s my promise. I’ll give you a short story once a week. (I’m planning on getting a collection of short stories published within the year, so you’ll get first crack at them.) I’ll talk about writing, along with the joys and frustration of teaching the craft. I’ll write about things I’ve seen that “speak” to me, and I’ll welcome your comments–or criticisms should you make them. I promise to post only once a day–sometimes taking the weekend off.

How does that sound?

3 thoughts on “Concerns About Blogging

  1. Dear Barbara, Keep writing and posting! There is so much that you write about that has mirrored my own life. I, too, feel like a “Jack of all Trades”, “going about my life as it comes”. As a matter of fact, I have never taken myself seriously as an artist until my recent unemployment. A tough way to find yourself! I have always crafted, painted, etc. But when I look at my walls full of my work, and now I have the photography and I am back to writing, I think, why have I always believed this was just “Mary’s little thing she does”.(someone else’s opinion I finally trashed). For being a little thing, I have done it all my life!! It can’t be all that little. Now when people ask me if I am an artist, i say Yes! You are not only a writer, but a storyteller! Keep on keepin’ on! ~Mary

  2. Thanks, Mary. I think kindred spirits come together in WordPress. All of my talents were always reduced by others to “Barbara’s cute little hobbies.” No more! I’m too old to sing on Broadway any more, but never to old to write! Thanks for the comment.

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