What You Think is What You Get

Today, there are hosts of folks professing that one can create his or her own world with thoughts. Even Oprah has done programs about  “the law of attraction.” Wayne Dyer is also a proponent of the theory. And so am I. Because thoughts take action and action creates great things.

So, how is it that so many people miss the message?

I’ve often spoken about the frustrations I have felt trying to teach my present writing class at the community college basic grammar skills. Last night, one of my students told me the book was stupid. He whined and whined about how hard this class was and that he didn’t get “it”. After listening to him go on, I first made a joke about his comments, asking him if he wanted a little cheese to go with his “whine.” But then I told him if  he would put as much energy into learning the “stupid stuff” in the text, he’d pass the course and could go on his merry way.

I think above all else, laziness frustrates me more than anything. Trying to inspire someone who is lazy is like trying to push a rope uphill. No quote or inspirational poster will ever touch the hearts of people who think the world owes them something. I’ve finally resigned myself to the fact that this student is willing himself not to succeed and there’s nothing I can do about him. Instead, I will concentrate on the other students who are trying to understand “the stupid stuff,” and delight when the “light bulbs” go off in their faces when they grasp the concepts of what I’m teaching.

They may not no it now, but they are creating their future with every single thought.

2 thoughts on “What You Think is What You Get

  1. My nephew is like this so I totally understand where you’re coming from. He’s got half a message (or hasn’t understood the message) that all he has to do is wish for ‘it’ to happen and it will. I try and tell him that he has to ‘work’ for it – but he just doesn’t understand. It’s very frustrating!

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