After Writing and Publishing Comes the Promoting

Writing a book and getting it published is only the first step. Promoting said book is the next step, which includes creating marketing tools, banners, posters to support book signings. Then there’s radio interviews, getting someone to review the book and of course, speaking to people about what you’ve written. It’s an entire professional career once you’ve become an author.

I happen to enjoy all of these steps–which is a good thing. Long ago I got over the jitters of standing in front of a group and talking about something. So, when I was asked to speak at the annual fundraiser for our local library’s “Breakfast with the Authors” I was honored. It was a wonderful experience to look out into the audience and see a large roomful of book lovers listening to what I have to say. And of course, my loyal friends and family members also were there. I’m really blessed.

I thought you might like to see a few photos of the occasion.

Speaking about “Apple Pie and Strudel Girls”

Authors Barbara McCloskey and Jane Mrazek

Friend Kay O’Neill and Barbara

Genevieve and Barbara at the Book Signing

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