No Rest for the Writer

Today is Friday. The end of the work week. If you’re a writer, this has little meaning.  Writing never stops. It doesn’t enjoy weekends or days off. It doesn’t take vacations. If you’re a writer, you are constantly on duty.

Being a writer is a bizarre occupation. We’re all a little nuts. We keep journals on vacations. We always have a pen nearby to write down what others think are unimportant. We take copious notes in the classroom. We notice things others don’t. We see symbols in everyday sights. We get goosebumps when something we read touches us. Famous quotes inspire us to tell stories. Words excite us. We strive for the “truth.”

Heck, Scrabble and UpWords are two of our favorite games!

I’m not saying that writers have keyboards or pens growing out of their hands. What I’m saying is a writer’s brain is wired differently. We want to be in touch with the world in ways others aren’t. It means our brains are constantly cataloging experiences, so we can share what we see and feel in stories, accounts or articles.  And we’re always searching for new ways to say old things.

So to all my fellow writers out there in “Internet Land,” I wish you a good day. May the right words cross your path and bring you happiness.

Oh, and enjoy the weekend! But, I know  you won’t be taking any time off.

6 thoughts on “No Rest for the Writer

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  2. I agree with everyone here – too true!

    When I go to cafes or restaurants I spend most of my time watching people and they way they eat and talk and their body language – it can be a little embarrassing at times 😉

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