The Latest Baby

Yesterday, I received a box of my latest novel, “THE LOVE IMMIGRANTS.” It’s always a joy when such event happens because it’s positive proof that I’ve really had another novel published to put on my shelf. (Remember I told you, it is my goal to fill up my one shelf in my living room bookcase with my novels.) But the aftermath of Sandy the Hurricane has taken a lot of joy out of the event. It seems selfish and rather foolish to be happy about something frivolous when so many millions are suffering. Even today, the high winds here–over 1,000 miles away from coast and the wind damage, flood damage, and snow damage–are still blowing.

I’m sure all of the survivors of this horrendous storm would probably tell me that life goes on. So, with that in mind I will tell you that the project next year–if the Mayan calendar is wrong–I will have at least two more novels to put on my shelf. One book is drafted, the other is still in the works, and I’m waiting for inspiration for the next few.

Each novel is a book that could stand on its own merit, but they are all interconnected with characters who keep showing up in subsequent books. Writing these stories has been fun, but I’m thinking to make the next one a part of this blog, chapter by chapter — what do you think of that idea? Would you tune in day after day for a new installment?

Let me know by sending me a response to this post by saying “Aye” or “Nay”. If the “Aye’s” have it, I’ll follow suit. It might be fun.

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