Changeable Weather

The weather man promises a bright, sunny, warm day today. He says the temperature will reach 70 degrees, which is uncommon for the month of October in Wisconsin. That will be nice, if his predication comes true. You see, where I live the weather is hard to predict because Southeastern Wisconsin is where three or four wind patterns meet, which means the meteorologists are only correct about half of the time.

Weather is an interesting commodity. It’s a neutral subject that people can talk about without fighting, unlike politics and religion. Weather seems to control our moods and many times our feelings. It’s a source of joy and sadness. (When was the last time  you were happy on a cold, rainy day?) The weather controls important elements in our lives. If there’s a drought, there will be food shortages. If there is a flood, people’s homes are destroyed. If there’s a tornado or hurricane lives can be lost. It’s one elements that we humans can’t control, even though we’ve invented furnaces to warm us and air conditioning to cool us.What ever is going on outside has an effect on what’s going on inside.

Thank God, we have weather. As writers we always have a device to fall upon to bring the “realness” of our characters alive. Weather can set the stage for the story. Bad weather suggests gloominess. Good weather promises happy times. Rain can refresh, but too much rain can drive one mad. A snow shower that produces a powdery dusting will turn the scene into a wonderland that everyone loves. A driving snow storm produces danger. Weather has a personality of it’s own. It’s fickle. It’s friendly. It’s mean. It’s power cannot be controlled–except in writing.  Unlike the meteorologists, as authors we can accurately predict a forecast.Remember, the pen is greater than DOPALR radar.

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