In Another World

One thing that I try to do for my students is strengthen their vocabularies. So in a state of insomnia last night, I came up with a few new words I will add to their list. One is Utopia. I’m sure none of them ever heard of the word, and they might enjoy the idea of a perfect world. I might even have them describe what their “perfect” world would be like. Yeah. That’s a good idea.

As I thought more about my plan to expand my students’ vocabulary horizons, I wondered what my Utopia would be like. Here’s what I created.

The first thing I would do is eliminate “Money.” Striving for it can bring out the good in people, but hoarding it brings out the worse. So let’s go back to the barter system where everybody wins. The bankers would go because without money, they’d have nothing to do! Besides, ridding the world of bankers would eliminate a corrupt institution that puts profits ahead of all else. What happened anyway?  I remember when I was a kid I could get 5% interest on my little Christmas savings account when I saved 25 cents per week to buy presents for my family. Now a senior citizen can only get 1% on a CD if they’re lucky.And of course, after the bankers, the stockbrokers and insurance people would have to go, too. So many of them are more concerned with earning commissions than they are helping their clients. And the credit card companies would be next. They’ve become a step above loan sharks. Chop, chop, money heads will roll.

The politicians would be next on my list. I’m sick of the fact that a public service has turned into a life-long career, and I’m subject to their disgusting television commercials all year long. After the politicians, the government officials who misuse their power to make things difficult for the people they are supposed to serve would have to go. Then finally, anyone who steals, kills, fights or harms innocent victims would not be welcomes through the gates of my world. Let’s see, who’s left?

Now that I’ve done away with the trouble makers of the world, what would my world look like? First of all, nothing would be taken for granted. People living in my world would live gratefully for what they have. They would be innately kind and caring.  No one would go hungry or unclothed. Everyone would have a place to live. People would want to help each other. Everyone would have a purpose. Everyone would be important to the whole. Artists, writers, musicians, and teachers would be professionals who were appreciated. The surroundings in this world would become beautiful because everyone would want it that way. Bit by bit the ugliness of the world would fade away. Disease and disability would be a thing of the past. People would see each other for their inner beauty and the emphasis on outer beauty would diminish. Yeah, that’s a good world.

The reality is such Utopias crumble because the human evil that lurks below the surface reappears, and before you know it, we’re back to militants, politicians, bankers and used car salesmen. But let’s face it. It was a fun way to spend a sleepless night.

What do you do with your hours in the quiet night?  Sleep, I hope.

One thought on “In Another World

  1. Utopia- something I think about, so very much but still, it is just like fantasizing for this is an imperfect world and who else constitutes the world but people like us- its imperfection is what makes it so dreary and us starving to achieve something everyday..

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