The Beauty of Autumn Has It’s Downside

All the signs that it is Autumn are in full bloom. The trees are beautiful shades of red, burgundy, gold and yellow. It’s a time when I want to just drive the county roads and marvel at Mother Nature’s beautiful handiwork. I’m sure my husband gets very tired of me pointing out every gorgeous tree along the way. The days are bright and the sun warms us to 60 degrees or more and we enjoy every day, trying to prolong a good thing.

The night air turns crisp, and we snuggle in blankets together in front of our favorite television programs. We fear to speak about what’s coming because we all know that this wonderful season will soon bring us trees that are bare, cold winds from the north, the furnace will be turned on all of the time and then the snow comes.

It’s also a time when students and teachers are in full swing at school. For ten weeks we’ve worked through the concepts presented in the first ten chapters of the the text, and I know like the weather, the pleasant side of the Fall Semester will cease to exist. Tonight my students face their Midterm Exam–a time where they will show their true colors.  I will pray they will all do well, but I know better. In my previous classes over 30% of them will fail, 50-60% will just sneak by and a slim 10-20% will sore above a passing grade.

I  hate tests as much as they do because I always feel I’ve failed them when all of them don’t pass. There’s a teacher’s confession in black and white.

Then I remind myself, this relationship like all relationships takes two separate efforts to work. I did everything in my power to prepare them, and they must pick up the ball and run from here. I have to accept I can’t overcome their test anxiety,  and they must face it head-on. So I’ll sit quietly while they scratch their heads, write down answers, erase their answers and  turn in their exam. We’ll all leave the classroom with high hopes.

No matter what happens tonight, the world will keep turning for all of us.  Autumn will slip into Winter and the semester will go on.  It’s the way of the world.


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