Oogling Googling

Did you ever “Google” yourself? Just for kicks this morning, I did.  This short diversion while I pondered what I would blog about today opened my eyes. What I found was so surprising, I have to tell you about it. I was shocked to learn there was nine pages of stuff about me. Incredible.

I never dreamed my four novels would have generated so many posts by the hard-working Google search engine. I expected to see links to websites like Barnes and Noble, Amazon, and my publisher, but I never dreamed I’d be on websites that I never heard about before. We all know that every author who wants to make it has to expose themselves to the public, after all, we want folks to buy our books. Right? But I was flabbergasted when I realized this Internet exposure has gone all the way to China! Perhaps I’ve entered the world of digital fame?

Not quite. But, I’m sure I’m not “there” yet. If I am so successful, where are the royalty checks?  So far, I haven’t received one–just haven’t sold enough to merit one. YET.  The competition out there is fierce, especially with all the opportunities authors have nowadays to get their books published. But knowing that I have nine pages Google gives me faith that someday the checks will appear, and I’ll enjoy more than just nine pages on Google.

All I have to do is keep writing.

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