Being Out of Sync With Routine

I’m feeling guilty today. Why? I didn’t write yesterday. I feel like I committed a mortal sin — for all of you non-Catholics out there — that’s a REALLY BIG SIN! One you can certainly go the Hell for committing.

Unless, of course, you confess the offense and then do penance.

So, here’s my confession. “Bless me, father, I have sinned; I did not write yesterday.”

And I hear, “For your penance:  Write two chapters in the new novel and entertain your readers by completing the blog.”

I’m sorry I didn’t log-on yesterday, but truly, I couldn’t think of anything profound to write about. (Humor me, I know not all of my blogs are not the greatest American literature.)

Like all writers, I have a usual time that I write. For me, it’s morning, but for the past two mornings, I’ve been out of sync with my routine. One morning I was speaking about my novel, and the next morning I had a stack of assignments to grade for my class, so I could give them back on Wednesday evening, and this morning, I attended a computer class to advance my skills with the Blackboard software that we’ve talked about a few blogs ago. So, here I am writing with my faithful puppy beside me taking his afternoon siesta, while I try to pretend it’s morning so I can get my “mo-jo” going again.

My husband says, “You need coffee. That will get you going.”  So, now I’m off to the kitchen to get a Cup  o’ Joe, only to find the pot is empty!  He must have drank it all when I was at class!

I look at the empty pot and realizeI have found another excuse for not writing. I’m sure he must be the devil!





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