Out, damn Block!

So far, the “Apple Pie and Strudel Girls” novels have pretty much written themselves. Even the book that’s with the editor right now called “Finding Gessler” went somewhat easy. This story is about a Jewish father and son who lost each other during the War and their search to reconnect in the early 1950s. But the book I’m working on now is a struggle. The plot is emerging, but it’s slow and tedious. The pain this book and its characters are causing me is almost overwhelming.

I’ve written about seven chapters, but now I need to really get into the meat of the story– which I think is a clash of the old world ways and the new world ways of thinking. Not an original idea, I know, but it is a solid conflict. For a country built on the backs of a steady stream of new immigrants, it’s a classic.

I just haven’t found that spark of inspiration yet and its been over a month since I penned the first few words of the novel. I fear that what I’m writing now is pedestrian and boring, when I intend this story to be full of action. I know it’s a bad case of writer’s block, but knowing the cause of my situation isn’t helping. Writing pieces like the “saddle shoe” story was a diversion that hasn’t helped. Being on campus again hasn’t helped. Even hearing success stories about the series hasn’t been inspirational. My worst fear is that I’ve lost my mo-jo– that I’ll never write another novel.

My only recourse seems to be this: If I’m a writer, then I must write. If I write crap, so be it. There’s a wonderful key on the computer that I use after such a spell. It’s called “delete” that I use frequently when I know I’ve given birth to something that should never live another day.



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