The Brave “New” World of Blogging

The Internet has changed writing. It’s a fact. Writing for a screen is unlike writing in any other medium. Like all other media, online writing has its own quirks and a lot of technical lingo that I don’t understand. But, nonetheless, I thought I’d search for at some ideas that would make “AuthorMcCloskeySpeaks” a better read.  And I found plenty! I could probably research the topic of “blogging” until the cows come home!

Here’s one thing I found interesting. I learned people don’t read on a screen, they scan. Readers  like bullet points, pictures and other visual cues to assist them through mountains of material.  The advice from “Problogger” suggests bolding words, italicizing phrases, or using different fonts to make the posts more visual. Personally, I find this technique rather annoying.

Another thing I found in my brief research was this tidbit: Did you know that studies have shown reading from a screen is more tiring and about 25% slower than reading from paper? No wonder I was so pooped after 8 to 10 hours sitting in a cube in the corporate world! This fact also explains why I see things after they are printed on paper that I didn’t see on my laptop screen. As Shultz from Hogan’s Heroes would say, “Very Interesting!”

But even with all the nuances of online writing given how the technology of the Internet works, one thing that hasn’t changed is this: GOOD WRITING IS GOOD WRITING. A good journalist will write a good blog with a strong headline and “inverted” text from the broad to the detailed, and a novelist will craft his or her content into a readable story. Words will still communication—except nowadays, it seems that they must SHOUT instead of whisper.

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