Did You See That?

When my girls were growing up, I always wanted them to be conscious of the world around them. We’d drive down the highway and I constantly would asked them, “Did you see that?” Invariably, they would answer, “See what?” It frustrated me they didn’t seem to have their eyes opened. Now I understand why.

I’ve always noticed things others don’t. Now I understand it’s the “creative” in me causing the problem. I see the hawks in the sky, gliding and circling. I notice the delicate wild flower peeking out of a cluster of weeds. I take time to wonder at a trumpet vine as it curls around an ugly telephone pole with its large orange blooms. There’s so much out there! Why don’t people in general notice these things?

Maybe it’s because everyone is so  busy keeping up with tweeting, posting, texting and all other other electronic things we do these days. I only use my cell to talk to others, please but don’t confuse me with old fogie who’s not up to speed. I LOVE my computer. I understand the Internet and use Google. I have a Facebook page, and ta-da–I blog. I even have a favorite game of electronic free slots. So that’s not a problem. I’m just curious about my surroundings.

Oh, and did I tell you I’m nosy, too? Yup. Guilty. I eavesdrop–especially in restaurants when people are relaxed and they share feelings and other things with their eating partners. I also hear birds tweeting, a squeak of car brakes and engines starts on cars outside, the rush of water through pipes, and the nuances in my cat’s meows. It’s never quiet in my head.

It’s tough to be a “creative,” to have a heightened sense of awareness. So to all other “creatives” who are reading this, I salute you because I understand your “pain.” To others, could you just meet me in the middle, take some a time out from the busy business we’ve created in the electronic world and notice the details of the physical world around you?  After all, didn’t someone say, “The truth is in the details?”

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