In The Hush of The Morning There Came Words

Today is a rainy day. It’s dark and quiet, until a roll of thunder in the distance erupts and sound of heavy droplets hit the windows. The antique clock chimes six o’clock. Nobody except me and little Ernie pug are out of bed, and he has gone back to sleep by my side. It’s a perfect time to write.Why? Because I always put  my most difficult task first. I’m at my best in the morning, and I will most likely accomplish the task. I can face anything then–even the blank screen.

But there is a challenge. There’s a cursor sitting there blinking and like a taunting child its chiding me, “Nah, nah, nah, nah, nah, nah–you can’t catch me!”

I stare at the little stinker flashing again and again, until I touch the keyboard. My hands don’t move, but my mind is saying, “Don’t let that electronic blinker get the best of you!” And so I start. Slowly. A word at a time. Not knowing what today’s blog will become. I have no plan, but miraculously my fingers speed up and the taunter sits on the words I’ve written. I’ve beaten the rascal! I’ve put something down!

Just getting started with SOMETHING helps the fear of not having something to say go away. After I have something to work with, I’m in charge. I can go back and fix it,  delete it, or begin again. The little cursor forgets I’m in control; he has to do what I command.

So, for everyone who wants to call himself or herself a writer, face the fear of the blank page (or screen) and forge ahead. Do your stream of consciousness writing, I call “pre-writing” in my writing class. At this stage of the game, all you’re out to do is conquer the cursor. Don’t let the little nuisance get the best of you! He doesn’t know you’re fortified with a cup of coffee and a faithful friend like Ernie!

Go for it! Let the day begin!

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