Was Slow Communication all that Bad?

Neighbors are so different nowadays than they were in the 1940s – the time my characters in “Apple Pie and Strudel Girls” live. Their time was slower, when neighbors relied on each other. When people talked to each other instead of texting. During the war years, people pulled together to support one another as they sacrificed so their sons, brothers and fathers would have more..

Communication during those times was slow, and the mail was became a lifeline for both the soldier and his loved ones back home. Even though censors prohibited what was “really” going on, the written word conveyed feelings of love and hope. Letters carried the mundane news of home to the soldiers, while a letter from a lover, brother or son to his girl, sister or mother meant that the “boy” she loved was still alive.

News wasn’t instantaneous then like it is now. There was no television and even the radio reports were many times days after the fact. As I think about this time in history, I wonder if I would have wanted to see the horrendous battles at dinner, knowing that someone I loved was there. I doubt if I could have taken it. It’s even hard for me to watch such things on the Military History Channel today, some 70 years later.

This summer has been so hot and miserable for most people across the U. S. we’ve become air conditioned hermits. I haven’t seen my neighbors for weeks but today it’s raining. Maybe the cooler temperatures, and the fact that the grass is growing again, we’ll be outside to greet each other with a smile and a wave.

I don’t believe all was good in the “good old days,” but how I long for a coffee klatch with a friend next door!


One thought on “Was Slow Communication all that Bad?

  1. There was some good in the “Good Old Days” but thanks to the modern day Facebook I was able to find an “old friend” again.

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